7 home improvement projects to tackle these summer holidays

Summer is here and with it comes longer days, shorter nights and, hopefully, some time off work to relax and unwind. Asides all the relaxing and long days by the pool, the summer holidays are a great time to tackle that never-ending home maintenance ‘to do’ list.

Whether it’s an item leftover from your spring cleaning list, like cleaning out your wardrobe or pantry, or finally completing a larger renovation project, summer is the perfect time to achieve these jobs.

Read on for our top seven home improvement projects to tackle these summer holidays.

  1. Make the most of your outdoors.
    One area that always comes to mind when thinking about summer and unwinding is the great outdoors! With the warmer weather and longer days, it’s the perfect time to maximize the use of your garden, or even your balcony.
    Before you begin, sit down and think of your dream garden features. Maybe you’ve always wanted a water feature like a swimming pool, babbling pond or even an outdoor shower? Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of an alfresco kitchen to maximize your outdoor living space? Whatever your desire, summer is the perfect time to plan and get stuck in. One of our favourite summer renovation ideas is an alfresco kitchen. By installing an outdoor kitchen, you’re maximizing your time outside, with no need to go inside to prepare meals while you’re entertaining your guests in the fresh air. To create the best alfresco kitchen, consider installing a bench to prepare your food, a BBQ or induction cook top, a fridge to keep food and drinks cool, and a sink to wash fruit, veggies, dishes and hands.
  1. Create a relaxing shady space.
    As much as we love spending time outside, being in the sun all day isn’t fun for everyone. Have a look at your garden and see if you have adequate shade and coverage. Now is the perfect time to plant some shade-providing trees, install a large outdoor umbrella and stand, and ensure that you have appropriate curtains and blinds in your home and patio.
  2. Do small outdoor renovations.
    If you’re short on time, consider some small adjustments to your outdoor space to increase enjoyment and liveability in the warmer months, while they last. A new table setting, some pot plants and even some outdoor artwork can make your garden feel like a whole new and more inviting space!4.
  3. Plan your area for the new year.
    With 2018 just around the corner, why not take some time to assess your home and garden and list all of your ideal additions. While you might not have time to tick them all off now, with a comprehensive list sorted, you will be able to prioritise and plan when you can tackle your list in the new year. Maybe you’ve been thinking about a larger renovation project like renovating your bathroom, installing a new ensuite, or even fixing up your kitchen? Whatever it is, now is the time to plan!
  4. Prepare for winter.
    Now this might sound like a funny suggestion for a summer renovation but by preparing for winter now, you ensure that your home is ready. It gives you ample time to install new heating or upgrade your existing if necessary and maybe even create a fireplace. Another great all-season home addition is a fire pit for your backyard if you have space.
  5. Invest in new artwork.
    There’s something about art that can give a home an instant lift. These summer holidays, get the kids involved and create some unique DIY artworks of your own to place around the home. The kids will love being included and seeing their artwork on the walls will make them feel extra special.
  6. Clean your outdoors.
    The exterior of the home can often get neglected. Take these summer holidays to add a lick of paint, clean your outdoor tiles, walls, windows and shutters, and remember to clean out your gutters and weed between the cracks in the footpath.

You’ll thank yourself when it’s back to school and work and you don’t have the time to give your home’s exterior as much attention and care.

credit: https://about.homely.com.au/blog/