Bathroom decor ideas: How to decorate a bathroom

Looking for bathroom decor ideas? It’s not all about the cabinets, hardware and finishes – bathroom accessories can totally transform the look and feel of the room.

Plus, they’re easily rotated and swapped out as new trends come in (and they don’t cost as much – win!).

If you’re wondering how to decorate a bathroom without spending a fortune, look no further than bathroom decorative accessories. We’ve rounded up six savvy bathroom ideas for a bathroom freshen up that won’t bust the budget.

Dark tones
Bathrooms with darker tones are a hot trend. But changing the whole bathroom can be expensive. Adding some black bathroom accessories is a great way to try out the trend without going all in.

Greenery is here to stay
If you’re looking for fresh bathroom accessory ideas, then greenery is your go-to. Whether you opt for low-maintenance indoor plants or no-maintenance artificial plants, adding a touch of greenery will instantly elevate the space.

– Small bathroom decor: kokedama are long lasting, low maintenance and a great alternative to a potted plant. Hang it, leave it, water it every few weeks and enjoy it in your bathroom – no mess, no fuss but lots of benefits.

– Indoor plants for bathroom
Plants love the bathroom as the lighting is usually bright, the temperature just right and the humidity means most indoor plants will thrive.

– Wooden wonders
Wooden bathroom accessories are a great way to level up your bathroom decor game. If you love the look of wood, but worry about water damage, opt for bamboo accessories instead – they’re wet room friendly and look beautiful.

– Modern bathroom decor: bamboo ladders are perfect for displaying towels, even hanging plants, and they’re functional too.

Want to include timber elements in your bathroom but lacking space? Try adding smaller functional items made from wood or bamboo.

How to decorate a small bathroom
Looking for small bathroom accessories? The worst thing you can do in a small space is over style it – too much decor will make the room feel cluttered. Instead, add small but functional decor. If you like the look of stone or marble bathroom accessories, try adding in small pops like a toilet brush holder.

Toilet decorating ideas
Toilet decorating idea: add a stone or marble toilet brush holder. It’s perfect for modern toilet decor. Plus with the gold-look handle, it gives you a bit of the gold bathroom accessories trend, too.

Luxe spa style
A bathroom should be a sanctuary. Create spa vibes by styling body care products on a portable tray with some florals – it will soften the space, and make the room feel luxurious and calm.

Blue bathroom accessories
Thinking about blue bathroom accessories? Try styling body care products on a blue tray with a floral accompaniment.

Maybe marble
Marble in bathrooms seems to be a trend that’s here to stay. If you don’t want to fork out the big bucks for high-maintenance marble countertops, adding marble bathroom accessories is a great way to incorporate the trend.

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