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Integrity Real Estate Tenant Selection Policy

This office is aware at all times of its obligation to follow the law. This includes the law about discrimination.

We will treat all property owners and all applicants fairly. We will not discriminate against any person for the following:

1. Race
2. Sex
3. Marital status
4. Disability
5. Sexual preference
6. Ethno – Religion
7. Age of your relatives, friends or colleagues

– We may decide to accept more than one application for any one property managed by this office.

– We will not take instructions from property owners who want us to break anti-discrimination laws.

We may refuse to take an application because:
– The property is physically not able to accommodate as many people as required on the application

– The property cannot be made to suit your particular needs e.g. if you require wheelchair access and the property is up two flights of steep steps

– We recognise that people with disabilities have the same right to rent property as people who do not have disabilities

– We will do our best to negotiate any adaptations or changes that a person with a disability needs in order to live in or use a particular property. However, we recognise that the owner does not have to adapt or change the property if doing so will cause them unjustified hardship

– In all cases, when we decide who can rent a property, we will only look at how well they can pay the rent and look after the property. We will ask for references about both of these things and we will check these references

– We will only refuse an application if the references were not acceptable, or if they were less acceptable than the references of the successful applicant. This means that we are of the opinion, based on your reference that:
1. Either, the applicant is unable to pay the rent and/or look after the property
2. Or the applicant is less able than the successful applicant to pay the rent and/or look after the property.

– If you wish to speak with us in regards to the way we let property, please ask to speak to the Head of the Property Management Department. Your opinion matters.


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