Top 4 Australian interior design trends for 2019

As we look over the yearbook of trends that were for 2018, we counted industrial style, pastels and marble among the favourites. For 2019, however, the interior genii are reporting a shift in the approach to colour and texture.

Pastel aficionados and marble enthusiasts can breathe easy, these trends are still around for 2019, however, they’ve taken a turn as sorbet shades mature into dusty, dirtied and chalky varieties and marble heads into more adventurous territory.

To get the sketch on the direction interiors are heading in 2019, we caught up with two renowned Australian interior experts to find out the newbie trends you’ll want to try.

  1. Colour grows up in 2019
    While the earthy colours and pastel hues of 2018 are still en vogue, in 2019 we can expect colour to come with a big dose of luxe and a grown-up edge (yep, millennial pink, you are well and truly out!).

    “Pastels will be big in 2019 with warmer gold tones and muted apricot against tan,” says David.

Mia agrees that the more candy-toned pastels are out in favour of dusty, chalky or slightly dirtied varieties.

“Think of it like this, you’ve given your boyfriend your pastel lilac silk shirt and let him wash it. The result? A faded, dull and lacklustre lilac. That is the colour that will be on trend,” says Mia.

While she says pastels are all about subtlety, David expects bronze and other contrasting hues to have their moment, too.

“Bronze will also continue to be popular. These warmer tones will be contrasted with misty greys, sage greens and pale blues,” he says.

“Pops of black along with brighter colours will appear among this palette, with deep reds for the brave.”

And earthy colours are still in the mix and should be paired with contrasting colours, according to Mia.

“Say hello to yellow! We will welcome yellow in mustard, faded or ‘dirtied’ tones,” she says.

“Subdued corals, blushed oranges, dirty peaches and rosy burgundies,” will also come into play, she adds.

2. A combo of visual and sensory texture is a must
It looks as though texture will be king in interiors come 2019. So you can rest assured, your love affair with marble and terrazzo will continue – but prepare to push the envelope.

“Both visual texture and sensory texture will be mainstays in decoration and we’ll continue to see this in everything,” says David.

“Obscure marble patterns will drive the visual texture, deviating from subtle veining to more abstract and layered veining in stone.

“Sensory texture will come through via matte finishes on metal, timber and ribbed or scalloped glass. Wallpaper, such as grasscloth or woven materials will also provide texture to interiors.”

If you want to change things up when it comes to visual texture, Mia reveals it’s all about colours and scale.

“We all know terrazzo has made its comeback and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. We’ll see more bravery in scale with larger aggregates and more coloured bases,” she says.

And that’s not all that will be big – get set to bring back what you learnt in geometry lessons, too.   

“Geometry and grids will be huge,” says Mia.  

“Think glazed square handmade tiles laid in a stack pattern (straight). Dare I say, square mosaics are making a return, too. However, not in solid tones instead in varied mottled tones and finish.”

3. Decor and homewares will be the centre of attention
If 2018 was the year to use decor and homeware to showcase personal style, then 2019 is the year you’ve figured out what that style is and you’re ready to go one step further and say ‘Hey, look at me!’.

“In 2019 decor and homewares will continue to be the extraordinary,” says David.

While he reports that mixing and matching new and vintage pieces to create a story is going to continue to be popular, it’s finding unique items that will raise the bar.

“Unique handmade items will be big as we are constantly looking for a connection to the objects that we buy. Imperfect will favour the perfect finish,” says David.

Going that extra mile with decor and homeware will be all about raising the glass, according to Mia.

“Coloured glass objects or textured glass objects like vases or decorative boxes will be a must-have,” she says.

4. Minimalism takes over furniture
Where once we favoured the piece de resistance of a room to be a statement furniture item, minimalism takes a hold when it comes to furniture in 2019.

“Furniture is becoming more minimal but still with a need for comfort,” says David.

“Having said that, a mixture of vintage and design-led pieces will work their way in, as sculptural or aspirational additions.”

Fear not, however, because minimalistic furniture is not as boring as it might sound.

“Curved and angular furniture will make its appearance,” says Mia.

While we might see it dialled back when it comes to fussy designs and detailing, there’s a lot of interest to be found in the simplicity and form of furniture.

“Whether it’s side tables, coffee tables or dining tables, we will be seeing some really interesting curved shapes,” says Mia.

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