Top 4 cosy winter home reno trends

With winter well and truly here, you’re probably thinking about how to make your home as cosy as possible. Well, there are a few key home renovation trends to help make your home a winter haven. Read on to find out more!

1. A steam shower.
A steam shower is the ultimate ‘it’ bathroom addition at the moment. With a focus on wellness and a rising trend in home spas, a steam shower is a luxurious bathroom addition and one that will definitely keep you warm and cosy this winter.

To install a steam shower anywhere in your home, Saniflo’s Sanifloor can make this possible. Sanifloor is a grey water pump with the ability to pump water three metres vertically or up to 30 metres horizontally back to the sewerage mains, opening up the possible locations for your new, luxurious steamy home addition.

Sanifloor can even be installed below the sewerage level, making this shower addition possible where conventional plumbing will not work, giving you complete design flexibility. Using thin pipes, Sanifloor won’t disrupt your home and existing bathroom space, so there’s no need to worry about messy construction work to achieve your new steam shower. To maximise this new addition, consider using a rain shower head for the ultimate luxurious look and shower experience.

2. An alfresco kitchen.
Now, this might seem a little strange as an alfresco kitchen is usually something you would associate with summer, however, there’s no reason to ignore outdoor entertaining during winter. For the best alfresco kitchen, you’ll need a BBQ or induction cooktop, a bar fridge to store your food and drinks, a bench to prepare your meals, a sink to wash your hands, veggies and dishes, and Sanivite!

To achieve an outdoor sink, even if your alfresco kitchen area is located far from your main house, you can use Sanivite. This compact grey water pump can push waste water from your sink up to 50 metres back to the sewer mains, opening up the viable locations for your alfresco kitchen, even if your desired area is downhill! Conventional plumbing relies on gravity, whereas Sanivite can pump water uphill, providing you with the ability to create your dream alfresco kitchen wherever you wish. The best part is, it uses slim 25 millimetre pipes, so your alfresco kitchen can be installed anywhere in your garden and won’t disrupt your landscaping.

3. A drying room.
Do you find yourself putting the dryer into overdrive in winter and messily hanging clothes over the heating duct for days on end? One of the latest trends in winter home renos that will save you loads of time and shave dollars off your energy bill is the drying room.

Vented with warm air, a drying room can be a well-ventilated compact room or a dedicated cupboard with ventilation grills and racks to hang clothes to dry on. Alternatively, you can buy ready-to-install space efficient electric units to add to your laundry. Drying cupboards look a bit like a large fridge and will get your clothes dry quick smart. Plus, they’re more energy efficient than conventional clothes dryers. So, you’ll never shrink your favourite jeans or blow the household electricity budget again!

A great way to get the most out of your drying year round room is to make it into a mudroom. The idea of a mudroom is to provide a spot where you can keep all your wet weather, recreational and beach gear neatly stored away to avoid traipsing mud or sand through the rest of the house. Must-haves for your mudroom include storage boxes (colour coding is great for kids), a bench, coat hooks, a shoe rack and durable stain resistant flooring.

4. A freestanding tub.
Is there anything better than a nice hot bath and a cuppa on a cold winter day? We don’t think so! There are so many different styles of baths and many ways that you can make the most of your bath, including the addition of a fireplace, and a bath caddy to hold your book and glass of wine while you relax. Our favourite bath style is the freestanding tub as it is a bathroom feature in its own right.

To achieve a freestanding bathtub anywhere in your home, you can also use Saniflo’s Sanivite. With its slim pipes, there’s no need for your plumber to break through your concrete slab and make a mess to install your standalone tub. It also means that you could install a freestanding tub in your master retreat, bliss! Sanivite can push waste water up to five metres vertically, so you could even create a cosy little bathroom haven downstairs, under the sewer mains if you wish.

Hopefully, these four hot winter home reno trends inspire you to make your home extra cosy this season.

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